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The majority of our resources go towards helping others.  To support our mission, music and outreach projects click Here.


Use hashtag #iPledge to support our goal of raising one million pledges for God. We are asking that you make a Stand for what you believe in! What do you Pledge? This campaign is in association with "The Pledge", the first single from B. (Brandon Burke)


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The #iPledge Campaign was created to raise 1 million pledges and call the Body of Christ to stand for God. We are encouraging individuals to make a personal pledge to God as well as stand with us to see our generation turn back to God.

Through this campaign we will be strategically praying, planning, and preparing to take back our generation through the arts and entertainment.

My vision is to strategically use this song “The Pledge” and the upcoming songs from the “Long Live the King” Album to revolutionize a generation and impact all of culture. These songs were created to address some of the main issues in our society today, provoke the gifts in our youth to be used for God, transform mindsets, and raise up revolutionaries! We are planning to use our influence through this platform to save souls, serve others, develop future leaders, create new platforms and alternatives within the Kingdom of God. Eventually our goal is to create a new model and standard for those who are called to the entertainment industry.

You can support this campaign by making a pledge today! One way you can support is by making a public pledge on our website www.ggforgod/pledge to help us raise our goal of 1 million pledges.

Recently, our campaign has made national headlines and been exposed to thousands of people that are being impacted by this movement. With the growing number of people responding and opportunities to reach them with the Gospel we are currently in need of financial support to meet the arising needs of this season. Would you please consider partnering with us for the next few months to help us accomplish our goal of reaching this generation for God.

Here are some of the ways that you can help us in this season:

Purchase one or more of our products online to support this movement (

Making a one-time donation

Making a monthly donation

Purchasing our #iPledge CD/DVD package which includes music, ministry materials, and DVD footage.

Personally, I would like to ask you to consider being a monthly partner for $25.00 over the next 3 months. I believe that the next 3 months are very critical in my personal life, the vision and mission of GoGettaz for God, and most importantly, the people we are called to reach. If you are willing to make this sacrifice with us, please select from the following options:

Thank you so much for your continual support, prayers, and contributions.

Brandon S. Burke, Steward of GoGettaz for God

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